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Writing SEO-Friendly Content in 2018

It has been said that Content is the ‘King of SEO’ . If you are writing a content for SEO ( to rank your Blog or Web page) you need to take care of your Users as well as Crawler. Crawler ( Google Spider ) love to feed on Unique Content , So let’s Consider some of the Important Thinks before you write content for SEO.

It takes good amount of time to rank your website or blog, but believe me Good ( UNIQUE ) content  makes it easy to rank it in few months. Its really a perfect question that what should be the total words in the web content. The Standard word should be around 1890 words in a particular web page , but sometimes its really difficult to write these many words in a single page , So you can write atleast 600 to 1000 words in a particular page, but should not be less than that.

  • Keyword Density means total number of Keywords used in the indexable content in the particular page.
  • It should not be more than 3% . So it you write content of 100 words , then the keywords should not repite more than 3 times.
  • e.g If its 600 words means the keywords should not be more than 18 times.
  • Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. In general, the closer the keywords are, the better.
  • keyword density is really something SEOs should really stop paying attention to, keyword prominence is a concept that still should be analyzed and evaluated.
  • Keyword prominence is nothing but understanding the Emphasis on keywords, which you would like to focus on. it can be analyzed by a key phrase usage in:
    • the title of a Indexable page;
    • meta description;
    • H1 | H2 | H3 tags;
    • Bold and italic
    • Alternate tags
    • beginning of the body text;
    • overall text.

Excessive use of Keywords in the indexable Content . i.e more than 3% of keyword density is called as Keyword Stuffing. If your content have excessive use of keywords then google may penalized you by deindexing your site  or Panelizing through lower ranking.

  • There are many tools available for Plagiarism in google , you will get lot of free tools for plagiarism in google search Result. But few of my Favorites are
    1. DupliChecker.
    2. Grammarly.
    3. Paperrater.
    4. Plagiarisma.
    5. Smallseotools

It’s important to remember that your content has the potential to reach a large audience and help your company beyond the SEO benefits. Website content, articles and blog posts are ways to connect your company to relevant, interesting information about your industry.