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What is Mean by URL Optimization in SEO?

URL Optimization plays a vital role in ranking your website higher on Search Engine.

It is one of the important parts of On Page Optimization.

As we know there are Best Places to keep your Keyword. Like Meta Title | Meta Description | Meta Keypwords etc. URL is again an Important place to keep your Keyword.

Let’s Understand how.

URL Stands for Universal Resource Locator, It is also termed a web address, is a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a (Browser) computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it.

E.g https://www.germanlanguageclassesinpune.com

URL is One of the Important part of Search Engine Snippet as well.


URL Appears on 2nd Position when it comes to Search Snippet.

Now Optimizing the URLs is what we are looking for.

So Let’s Consider Best practices to optimize your URL for SEO.

This is a Basis Structure of URL…

  1. Unnecessary URL Parameters:(?, & and % must be avoided in URLs)

Google does not understand the Alpha – Numerical Characters in URL. So the signs like ?, % , @, $ must be avoided in URLs. The URLs should be very simple and Readable.


Inaccurate URL Format-


Accurate URL Format

  1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing means – Excessive use of keywords

The URL should be confined to 2083 Characters only. That’s the limit and keywords should be use only once.

  1. Important Keywords at the Beginning

The URL should content your main keywords and important keywords at the Beginning.

  1. Not Necessarily Identical to Page Title

There are lot of times people ask me this question that the URL should be identical to page title?

So the Answer is ‘no’. Its not like that but your main keyword should be there in the URL.

  1. Capital Letters

There should not be any Capital Letters in your URL.

  1. Hyphens Vs. Underscores-

Now , Here is again a question that Shall we use Hyphens or Underscores ?

So the answer is Hyphens. You should be using Hyphens instead of Underscores.

  1. Dynamic Vs. Static URLs

Always use Static urls , Once the URL is made , It should not be Changed. Because we work to rank a page, instead of top level domain.

The Difference between below URLs 

https://3dottechnologies.com/courses/web-development-classes-training-pune/https://3dottechnologies.com/best-german-language- classes-in-pune/

Both the URLs are good as far as SEO is Concern.

The only difference is use of Path in between top level domain (e.g Courses) .

So in first URL we have used the Path i.e Courses


In Second case we have directly use page.

You can use any of them.