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Top 6 Website for SEO First Analysis- SEO Audit

What is mean by Website analysis or SEO Audit?

Website analysis is the process of checking quality of website in terms of SEO | Accessibility | Mobile Friendliness | Social Presence and Usability . It is the very important procedure before doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now a days website analysis | SEO Audit is most important aspects for any business or firm because it gives overall statistics related to your business. It also gives the overall report about website performance and user related data. Website analysis helps optimizer to focus on weaker areas of the website, because of that optimizer can increase the rank of website.

Why website analysis is important?

Website analysis is very important in today’s competitive market to make your website Search engine friendly . It will show you the actual working status of website.  It is also help to show technical error and also suggest the way how to fix it. It also shows the data like page ranking, total number of visitors on daily & monthly basis, lead generated from inbound link, visitor location, bounce rate etc. Because of website analysis we can analyze competitor website and compare it with our website which will help us to make proper changes in to our website. It helps up to increase lead. In short for checking health of our website SEO audit or website analysis is important, after that we can treat our website as per report.

There are many tools available for Website analysis.

By using following Six tools we can analyze our website and we can optimize our website for ranking website.

This is a online SEO audit tool. This tool analyze website accurately and fast. This tool checks all important factor regarding on-page SEO and gives clear SEO report with best tips for optimization. It also allows checking all pages of website, not only home page. This tool check things like

  1. Meta tags
  2. Encoding
  3. Content length (word/chars)
  4. Images & Alt text
  5. External links
  6. Internal links
  7. Existence of Robots.txt
  8. Existence of Sitemap.xml
  9. HTTP headers list
  10. IP address
  11. Servers name
  12. Server location
Link – https://www.seoptimer.com/

WoorRank is a tool which provides website reviews automatically with excellent tips for boosting traffic sales & leads. It also suggests how to increase website ranking as well as online visibility through social media. It offers 14 days trial package foe users with all access of Woorank’s features. Once the trial of 24 days over you can choose the premium packages.

WooRankfeaturs:- White-Lable report, Smart Dashboard, Marketing plan, Backlinks analysis, SEO Tool, In-depth Reports, Competitive analysis, KPI monitoring, Continuous tracking, Website review etc.

Link – https://www.woorank.com/

This is again one of the highly recommended SEO Audit tool. It gives immense data about your website and provides vital information as far as Technical errors are concerned. You can really work on the recommended things which it has mentioned in the website.

This tool gives the perfect report which shows all of the pertinent information required for SEO site audit. This report sort out some metrics and server vulnerabilities that other website analysis tools like WooRank, SEO powersuite, iBusines Promoter did not mention.

Advantages of this tool are

  • This tool analyze SEO issue instantly. We can store report which make it easy to track progress and past work.
  • This tool automatically keep track of weekly changes. If there is change in SEO score it will pop up the notification.
  • This tool checks competitors website & compare with our website. We can compare 5 competitor website at a time.
  • This tool gives easy report on errors and also provide tutorials for fixing error.
  • This tool has 14 days free trial after that we can choose premium option.

Link – https://seositecheckup.com/

Moz is multi-purpose tool which work for keyword research,  link building, website analysis, page optimization etc.  By using this tool we can track our website as well as competitor website. It also shows the local as well as national searches. It also provide holistic images for ranking keyword with our search visibility score.

Link – https://moz.com/free-seo-tools

This is a SEO online audit tool. This tool crawl a website and also analysis the report. This report include all the errors, website scores and fixes To on-page & off-page SEO. This is the embedded tool which helps to create new leads. This tool has a SEO monitoring alert option which can auto schedule crawling, whenever there will be any changes required it will shows alert message. In this tool we can compare 2 competitors website at a time in 10 minutes.

Link – https://seomator.com/