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Top 3 tools and website to create an image for social media

Social media is the great platform for sharing information, ideas, Business promotion and other form of expression. There are many things that we can share on social media like photos, video, content, audio and many more. We know social media is a crowded space, if we are going to add content, video, audio and many more, people may get ignored it. So in that case image is a great option to get peoples’ attention. A large part of the human brain is focused on visual thing so posting image is a great option to grab person’s response as compared to content and all.

If you want more attention, then create your own image regarding your idea, business, event and all. There are many online free tools and websites to create images, banner, poster etc. for social media.

1. Canva:- (https://www.canva.com/)

Canva is an online tool for creating graphics. There are many options available to create social media image and header template to marketing material, invitation, presentation, documents and many more things that you need. Canva has many features that are very easy to use. Also Canva has paid feature, but free feature is enough to create what you need. If you have no graphic design skill, then by using Canva you can create your content very easily and fast. In short Canva is user-friendly.


  • In Canva there are two folders to organize your design.
  • 1GB storage available for photos & assets.
  • Access to over 8000 templates.
  • You can upload your own image.
  • You can resize your design.
  • Custom fonts are available.
  • You can set color palettes for your design.
  • Download your design with transparent background.

2 Infogram:- (https://infogram.com)

Infogram is another tool for creating graphics. Infogram is a great tool with various features like graph, chart and maps. Also infogram tool has ability to add video, pictures to make your graphics attractive.  To perfectly represent your data, this tool will automatically change the look.  This tool is user friendly. In industrial manner this tool is very useful to present


  • The free version has sufficient features to create attractive graphics.
  • This tool has the ability to insert hyperlink.
  • You can make the presentation in an attractive way.
  • By using chart, graph, map, you can make Report without breaking design of graphs.
  • Many templates are available.
  • You can add the media through various sources.
  • This tool has the ability to customize.
3. Aviary:- ( https://aviary.com)

Aviary is an image editing tool. This tool has many features to enhance and retouch your image. Sometimes you need to retouch your image before posting on social media. So Aviary is the best photo editor tool. This is very simple tool.


  • You can give special effect to your photo by adding stickers, frames, galaxy and many more.
  • This tool has ‘Publish this Edit’ button to publish your photo.
  • You could eliminate defects and highlights some spaces.
  • You can add text with various fonts.
  • Aviary app also available for android, IOS and windows.