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List of Top 6 Google Tools

It has been Said that almost 92.5 to 97 percent people in India Use google as the Preferred search engine. If someone is new in SEO and don’t know about how to start and where to start. The words like keyword density, bounce rate, indexing rate can sound like (Hell) for new user.

As per Search Engine market share worldwide Google makes up 92.3%. For the audience of the website Google wants to create an amazing, effective and an engaging website experience. Hence Google decides to provide various tools. Whether you are a new user in SEO, Google has many tools available to guide SEO beginners in a proper manner.

Following are the top 6 Google Tools which are very useful in SEO.

In SEO keyword are the key words and phrases added in web content which make it possible for people to find your website through search engines.  Keyword research is the most important part of on-page SEO as keywords use in link building, meta title, meta description, content.  By using Google Keyword Planner you can search words or phrases which are related to your business or product or services. Keyword planner helps to find the most relevant keyword to your business, you can choose this keyword to add your plan.

There are lots of benefits about the Google Keyword Planner:

– Keyword planner works as a detective to tract your competitor’s keywords.

– In keyword planner, you can search keyword, location wise.

– You can search long tail keywords as well as short tail keywords.

– Google keyword planner search local keywords faster.

Google analytics is a tool which offered by Google to help you to evaluate your website traffic. It is a free web analytics tool. You run many campaigns to launch or promote to your products or services online, in that case your website is the best way to generate traffic . In short your website is a central focus of your digital presence. This is a free tool that can help you to track your digital marketing performance.Worldwide 50 million websites use Google Analytics tool.

Benefits of Google Analytics:

– Target your online Traffic:

    By using this tool, you will get to know that what kind of traffic is getting to your website like organic, direct, paid, campaign etc. This tool will shows factor like visitor location, age, gender, device, site’s traffic rate, conversion & bounce rate, sessions, number of transactions and many more factors like this.

– Evaluation of traffic flow through your website:

    Google analytics tool provides information like how traffic moved through your site, which links they clicked on & how they did purchase.

– Know what users are looking on your website:

    This tool will get to know that what users are searching on your website.  If your website consists of many pages and multiple products or services, in that case you could track what users are searching.  By using this information you can improve the user engagement rate.

– Google analytics offers a many feature by using that you can track campaign.

– You can create filter to get an exact report or customized data.

– You can create your own goal as per requirement or you can choose the template.

– It is free to use and doesn’t need any maintenance.

Google Webmaster tool is also called as Search Consol. Google webmaster tool is a set of tools which help you to communicate with the Google. This tool helps you to get to know how Google sees your website, list of external and internal links to your website, adjust the crawl rate which helps to indexing your website also check the keywords searching for your website.  This tool follows your website to check any malware and spyware. It also send notification if your site suffer from any malware, spam, viruses.

Benefits of Google webmaster tool:

– This tool gives the latest data about internal links & incoming links.

– If there is an issue about crawl error, this tool sends notification.

– This tool shows targeting keywords and how efficient they are.

– This tool gives the report of indexing and crawling activity.

In today’s world, maximum people are spending their most of time on mobile. If they have to check any website, they directly check it on mobile. In this case if your website is not mobile friendly then it is not good for your website. If the website loading time is more on mobile, it will responsible for increasing bounce rate and that is very bad for website.  So your website should need to be mobile friendly. And website loading time should not be more than 4s.

There are lots of Google tools available to check the speed of website on mobile that is called mobile speed checker tool.

In today’s world trend is a very big thing for people. Google trends is the tool which analyzes demand of top search queries in Google search engine across various regions and various languages.By using Google trend you can find latest trends, data, and visualizations.

Benefits of Google trends-

– If you have to increase traffic or lead on your site then you need to use best keyword and phrases. So by using this tool you can find famous and best keywords.

– If your website lay down because of old article then this tool will be very helpful to you to find latest article topic.

– By using this tool we can track our competitor’s keywords.

– By using this tool we can track the user’s interest as per location, region, language.

Increasing search engine rank is a big challenge. For increasing search engine rank make sure your all website content is correctly indexed by search engine. If you are adding something new in to your website, at this time sitemap plays very important role as it directly inform to Google about new additions.

Benefits of sitemap:

– Sitemap helps Google to find your content:

    To search website or content search engine use backlinks or external links if your website is new ten it can take a long time to create backlinks, but if you have sitemap on your website it will help you to crawl and indexed your website.&lt

– Sitemap improves the quality of crawling and indexing:

    If your website is new then you need to keep updating and modifying your website to maintain high ranking. At that time you need to submit a new sitemap to Google for better crawling and indexing.

– By submitting sitemap to Google, Google webmaster tool provides number of reports of your website.